Sunday, 24 June 2012

Asian Lady Webmaster has honored her inspiration of paintings to immortal Amrita Shergil

Asian Lady Webmaster has recently said that her inspiration of paintings and canvased is Amrita Shergil and she released some of her icons immortal paintings which are directly re publica of Amrita Shergil's paintings.Here Asian Lady Webmaster has honored her inspiration of paintings to immortal Amrita Shergil.

Pure Indian House Wife:It may be self portrait of Amrita Shergil

Fashionious Indian House wife:It may be too self portrait of Amrita Shergil

Busy Life of Indian House wife:Classic fashion of Indian woman

Indian Village House Wife:Village-Woman normally takes care of the own children.

Indian Village woman gossip and fashion: Gossiping is one of the most useful activities is seen in village women and girls in interior India.
Tribute to Amrita Shergil :-
Amrita Shergil was born in Budapest in 1913 to a Hungarian mother and a Sikh father.She was educated in Paris and her confrontation with realism defined her style.One of her novice paintings earned a prestigious salon award.After marrying her Hungarian cousin,she settled with her husband in India and joined her family.This was the beginning of a fascinating period in South Asian art as Amrita fused her European art instruction with the Indian locale thereby creating a wholly original and unparalleled stlye.The moods of India,its people started breathing into her works.This unique aesthetic was a turning point in the hisotry of modern art in South Asia. While in India,Amrita absorbed the ancient and immortal lines of wall paintings in Ajanta and Alora and such other cultural motifs.


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