Thursday, 28 March 2019

The Best Combination of Exquisiteness and Aesthetic Beauty

Art is nothing but a reflection of one’s true self. Although aesthetic tastes and requirements vary from person to person, still one of the main attractions that is found to be common in most of the art is an endeavor to find beauty in life. Indian contemporary artists who were who were restricted to Indian sub-continent only and disregarded by Western media made a way to reach Europe even before IT aspirants were seen to swarm in the United Kingdom.
The Quintessential of India art:

Over the years, Indian art has completely changed the typecast image of India into vibrant hues and caught the interest of thousands of art lovers. Nowadays, Indian contemporary art has started experiencing exceptional growth both ethnically and commercially, broadening the path for the art lovers to get a true tint of amazing artwork. Although Indian art has seen several transitional periods right from the ancient art of Mughal period to the art of post independence period, it has managed to grow without losing its unique factor and this is the main reason why Indian contemporary art has been able to touch the international level.

Some images of Indian contemporary art are presented here through which you can get a fair idea of the matchless hue it offers:

Some Contemporary Indian artists who have been widely acclaimed include: 
Anup Giri 
Deepankar Majumdar 
Shekhar Ballari 
Shrikant W Kolhe 

Anup Giri: The art works he created speak of the facts that eyes can not get to perceive. He was seen to twit on his twitter page that.

Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye..

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Deepankar Majumdar: The paintings truly depict the mixture of aesthetic excellence and exquisite brilliance.

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Shekhar Ballari: The main two things the artist has tried to emphasize on are the art and the style of art. 

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Shrikant W Kolhe: The artist is seen to believe in the fact that “Darkness is not the opposite of light; rather, it is the absence of light.” His paintings happen to take inspiration from this thought and have now become highly popular. 

Now, if you are looking for Indian contemporary art online, it’s time for you to heave a deep sigh of relief. With the running stride of time, numbers of online shops have popped up, presenting an excellent collection of a myriad of stunning art works. The art galleries are not only fraught with a striking amalgamation of beauty and splendor, but have also enabled to touch the satisfaction level of a plethora of art lovers. The paintings of Indian artists are now in high demand and if you are an art lover looking for art of exquisite stance, all you are required to do is browse through online, visit the store of the particular venture that you have found to be interesting and finally, opt for the art work that reaches your mind with a full sway.


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