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Why and How India has become a land of rich art and culture

The online Indian art galleries – the new step to a rich cultural world 

online art gallery of My Indian Art. 

India is a land of rich art and culture. Since the ancient times, India has encountered many famous artists, who have contributed in building the nation’s heritage. In forms of visual arts like paintings on cave walls or textiles, to gradually painting on the paper and canvas, art has travelled a long way and still has to go further. However, preserving the art and cultural heritage of India is a very important factor to consider. And that is what an Indian art online gallery does.

What do they do?

The initiative to build online Indian art gallery is a very wise decision that the art-conscious people have taken. This way, people who are interested in the Indian art and culture and want to express their vision and understanding of art, can portray their creations to the country and the world.

As online is the new real, it is the best vehicle to reach out to maximum people. It is a difficult truth to accept, but the fact that one has to admit that the trend to go to the traditional brick and mortar art galleries and check out the works of the renowned as well as upcoming and promising artists, is dying. That is the reason, why many of the promising artists, who have the potential in them to do something worth contributing to the cultural richness is also obliterating day by day.

Indian online art gallery 

However, with and Indian online art gallery, they will again get the scope to portray their creations to the people in their country and to the rest of the world. It is an amazing platform that will help the artists from the entire country to come out to lime light and showcase their works and creations. This is not only a platform for the artists to bring their works to notice of the art lovers, but also portraying the richness and depth of Indian art to the world market and hence, make it more acceptable and get the worth it deserves.

How does it work?

Various exhibitions of finest repute take place in India every year. However, not all of them succeed to reach the art collectors. Therefore, creating awareness amongst them is a very important task that an online art gallery in India has the potential to do. An online art gallery is, to put into simple words, a website for a traditional art gallery. A good online art gallery will have its own team of experts, who have the knowledge and skill to recognise the arts that have the potential to create a revolution and leave its mark. They handpick these pieces of arts that can be anything from an oil painting or a landscape painting, a charcoal painting or even a water colour painting.

When you visit an online art gallery in India, you will be introduced to the profile of the artist along with their resumes. If they are available for auction or sale or only for display purpose, all the details will be mentioned there. Each and every piece is original and is portrayed with their original details mentioned. By categorising them according to the genre, subject, size, price as well as artist, the galleries make sure that you find the convenience to enjoy Indian art. It is truly an innovative step in the art and cultural life of India.


The online Indian art galleries are a new step towards making the world a better receptor of Indian art and culture and building a platform for new artists to showcase their works.


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